Frequently Asked Questions

What is Buzzify.Cloud ? 

Buzzify.Cloud is online free cloud storage and file sharing service for everyone.

Is Buzzify.fun Cloud ? 

Yes, Buzzify.Cloud is free and you can use Buzzify.fun cloud storage and file sharing service with or without registration.

What is the maximum upload file size on Buzzify cloud storage?

We limit the maximum upload file size to 2GB.

What is the maximum file storage for a registered user?

Buzzify.Cloud doesn't limit the storage size for all registered users and so the users can save their data unlimited. 

What is the maximum bandwidth for the file-sharing service?

Buzzify.Cloud doesn't limit the bandwidth for file sharing service and it is always unlimited bandwidth with ultra-fast speed.

Can user data be deleted?

Buzzify.Cloud doesn't delete or remove user data if the user doesn't break our policies :) . Please carefully read our policies.

If the user broke the policies, what will happen?

If the user broke our policies, we will suspend the user account.

If someone was uploaded the copyright content to Buzzify.Cloud such as photo,arts, video,etc , how to report it ?

You can report to service@buzzify.cloud and we will investigate the issue and fix it.